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 Remember in March 2013 when you didn't know who Jorge Bergoglio was... and then he was elected Pope Francis?  And then remember how over the next few weeks we simply fell in love with  the fellow?

Well, here is a video produced by the Vatican recording the hour and forty-one minutes between the famous white smoke announcing the election and the Pope's final walk back inside from the balcony.  Here are some highlights (use  the slide bar below the video to "move around" in the video).  41 seconds:  Smoke starts coming out from the chimney and everybody starts going crazy.  The next 30-plus minutes shows the crowd's joyous reaction.     27:00  A band marches up to the front of St. Peter's, along with the Swiss Guards.    34:00   It's like a half-time marching band in front of St. Peter's!      1:06:20     The announcement  --  habemus papam!   1:15:30  Brief interior shot of Pope Francis and cardinals    1:16:45   Pope Francis steps onto the balcony.   1:19:45  He leads the people in the Lord's Prayer and an Ave Maria.    1:22:20   Before he blesses the people in the square, Pope Francis asks for them to pray for and to bless him.


A gorgeous video from Thai Life Insurance (no kidding) that illustrates the power of love.

This is a long video of Pope Francis celebrating the 2014 Christmas liturgy.  Maybe you could just check out the first few minutes, then move forward 20 minutes and see what's going on.  It is a high quality video and does give a nice entrance into Vatican liturgy at Christmas.  Suggestion  --  the video is good enough quality to view full screen.


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