A church with a mission in the city

Food Pantry

From its foundation in the time of the Apostles, the Church has acted in practical ways to end hunger.  The Apostles themselves appointed other Christians whose task it was to feed the hungry.  Hunger is a reality in America.  Children and families and homeless and elderly sometimes find themselves not only hungry, but also faced with the prospect of not knowing how their situation with hunger will be remedied. 

We take this work seriously and consider it a joy, not a burden.  Jesus (who called himself the bread of life) said we are feeding him when we feed "one of the least of these my brethren".  We show our faith in Jesus when we feed the hungry in our neighborhood in a friendly and dignified way. 

In partnership with St. Ladislas Catholic Church in Westlake, we at St. Ignatius of Antioch offer a significant hunger relief program to our neighborhood. Every month, we distribute groceries and hot meals to hundreds of families and individuals. The Food Pantry distributes groceries on the second Tuesday each month.   Our Share a Meal provides a hot evening meal on the first and third Wednesday's of each month. 

We do these things to relieve suffering.  We do them so we may learn mercy and generosity.  We do them to imitate the One who said he would receive the one who came to Him (John 6:37).  Over the course of a year, literally thousands of folks are helped.

If you would like to be part of this work, call our Parish Office at 216-251-0300 and we will be glad to help.